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Experiential Marketing in a Virtual Events World

EVI is a global leader in Virtual Event Production.

Travel and social distancing realities have, at least temporarily, altered the landscape of event marketing. The times present new challenges to companies who rely on face to face gatherings to accomplish critical aspects of their business strategies. 

In some ways, the forced adoption of purely virtual events is an extension of a trend that has been underway in recent years. Over the past decade, with conferences attracting expanded global audiences, EVI and its clients have employed live streaming of events as a primary way of serving a broader constituency. Hybrid events, the combination of live and virtual attendance, have become part of the industry lexicon. 

Even before 2020, top to bottom virtual events have gained tremendous viability in situations where traveling large numbers of attendees is simply not practical or economically justifiable.

So, in spite of current restrictions, EVI is fortunate to already have virtual events solutions in place that enable companies to continue their experiential initiatives and capture much-coveted mindshare for brands, messages and products. Rather than retreat, leaders across all industries are quickly embracing the new normal and moving to purely virtual events models. With over three decades of producing landmark experiential events, EVI knows how to engage audiences across all communication platforms…including virtual events. We see this specific tool as a vital way to build community in a time when the need for connection is greater than ever.

Turnkey Digital Platforms

EVI Virtual Event Productions are turnkey digital platforms that utilize proven interactive technologies to deliver engaging experiences via robust virtual environments. 

Just as we do with physical environments, we architect custom virtual spaces and then fill them with original content to create compelling experiential journeys.


Images above are EVI conceptual renderings for a prospective event.


Images above are EVI conceptual renderings for a prospective event.

Building a Virtual Event Production Environment

Beginning with a fresh canvas, we build exactly the spaces you need to accomplish your event goals. Rich and realistic 3D designs can imitate all of the spaces attendees are accustomed to in a traditional destination. Alternatively, since we are not limited to a traditional space, we can also design and create in a more abstract and artistic conceptual realm. Either way, spaces are created to be functional, interactive and engaging. 

Welcome and Registration areas, Networking Lounges, General Session Theaters, Breakout and Track Session spaces, Exhibit Showcases, Tradeshow Booths, Reception Areas and Entertainment Venues are common elements of our virtual environments.

Image above is an EVI conceptual rendering for a prospective event.

Image above is an EVI conceptual rendering for a prospective event.

Captivating and Relevant Content

With a gorgeous interactive platform in place, the next mission is to fill it with first rate content, and that’s where EVI is so uniquely positioned. Captivating and relevant content is and has always been the key driver of results, no matter the event format.

Producing content for virtual experiences requires a different approach from a live event. With attendees consuming all of the information on a computer screen, tablet or smart phone, they are certainly not captive as in a ballroom setting. Viewers are over-saturated with content options, making it difficult to draw and maintain attention. Whatever you put on screen had better stand out. Our view is that content for virtual experiences must be produced on the level of a network television broadcast. Every second of on-screen material must be carefully curated and assembled to craft an emotional experience…an interesting and worthwhile journey, not just strung-together pieces.

Images above are from an actual EVI event produced for Nu Skin.

Images above are from an actual EVI event produced for Nu Skin.

Extended Reality

Tools for producing and delivering virtual events content include augmented and mixed reality. Produced in a studio environment, this “extended reality” is at the forefront of 3D design and content creation for broadcast production. 

Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes or overlays CG images or graphics onto real-world or live action media and can be viewed on traditional screens and devices.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a hybrid environment where real and virtual worlds are merged and blended to produce a new environment. The technology enables the design of virtual spaces that are visible “Live” and on-camera. Fabricated with high-resolution LED screens and projection surfaces, the environments are stunningly realistic. Camera tracking and real time rendering via D3 hardware and software allows presenters to move within the environment in a highly interactive way. 

Importantly, whether utilizing a virtual environment…delivering content in a cinematic storytelling style…or a combination of both…not one frame is produced without careful thought and collaboration. We approach every production in a holistic way, ensuring that messages meet the mark and achieve the desired outcomes. Content for every aspect of the virtual event fits together in a cohesive way…guiding the attendee on a meaningful and interactive course of action.

Our creative media production experience runs extremely deep. Network Entertainment Specials on ABC, CBS, PBS, ESPN, NBC, FOX…Corporate Brand Anthems…Cinematic Short Films… Documentaries…News Style Interviews and Panels…Thematic Modules…Live Event Keynotes…Product Feature Films. A browsing of our Media Gallery reveals a depth that only decades of experience can provide.

Psychology of the Online Experience

Next level psychology of the online experience points toward the necessity to disrupt predictable patterns to maintain engagement and encourage interaction. Incorporating the unexpected is a way to keep audiences focused and intrigued.

Several tools that we successfully use are Virtual Meet-Ups…Live Polling…Live Chat…Live Q&A…Social Integration…and Gamification.

Analytics, Metrics and Reporting

How do you know that you’ve achieved success? End results are after all the proof in the pudding. That’s why scientific analytics, metrics and reporting are a cornerstone of the process. 

The built-in tools of the digital platform deliver valuable information by capturing audience profiles, measuring touch-points and gathering information via interactive participation with all aspects of the experience. 

Program effectiveness can be tracked, assessed and adjusted in real time. Meaningful personal follow-up can be crafted based on facts. In addition, the platform is intelligently integrated with popular tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, Pardot and Hubspot.

Positioned for Success

In the end, success in the virtual event production arena is about collaborating with people who possess the talent and skillsets to perform in this unique experiential environment. The EVI virtual event production team is composed of the world’s elite producers, technical engineers and creative artists, all standing ready to produce a collection of imaginative content that will position you in the forefront of viewers minds. 

Content is mastered, encoded and programmed in multiple languages to be delivered over best in class content networks like LiveStream, IBM Streaming Content Platform, Intrado and others. Through our content networks, we leverage Akamai’s strength in networking and redundancy, delivering the world’s most secure experiences. Our singular focus is to deliver maximum return on your virtual experience investment and drive your business proposition.

EVI is a global leader in Virtual Event Production.

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