Corporate Events Management & Production

"Bringing Business Vision into View"

As one of the world's top experiential agencies, EVI views Corporate Events Management & Production as a highly integrated component of a corporation’s overall strategy and business communications plan.

Too often, producers feel compelled to storm in with a slew of trendy ideas, without taking time to listen or contemplate how an event will impact a company’s overall mission.

From our view, the first step towards successful corporate events management and production is a careful study and understanding of a company’s strategic objectives. We immerse ourselves into the people, the vision, the products, the services, the history, the culture…How does a company want to present itself, to be perceived by its audience…what behaviors are they trying to reinforce or modify…what are the desired results?

We develop relationships with an “all-in” approach that positions us as a direct extension of your team, enabling us to maximize the event investment by making sure that every production decision is strategically and creatively on point. We team-up with marketing, branding, communications, advertising, product development, technical, finance…all of the departments that comprise a company. That business fluency is a major reason why many clients choose to work with EVI as their long-term experiential agency on a year-round matrix of events. 

Corporate event production for McAfee

Colin Powell as speaker at corporate event

Corporate event production for McAfee

Colin Powell as speaker at corporate event

Experience…Deep experience…

As for event production itself…that’s where it all comes together. EVI has three decades of experience producing events of all types and sizes…across North America and around the world. Integrated, turnkey solutions are our strength… and what set us apart from any competitor. From event strategy, design and budgeting …through creative media production, staging, technical and onsite implementation. We masterfully orchestrate every element, delivering total project accountability. 

EVI produces every imaginable type of internal and external-facing event. A review of our case studies reveals expertise in:

Product Launches, Customer Events, Employee Events, Recognition Events, Franchisee Meetings, Dealer Meetings, Sales Meetings, Executive Leadership Conferences, Investor Relations Meetings, Training Events, Exhibits and Technology Showcases. 

Increasingly as important as the live event production is the need to deliver the experience to global webcast audiences. EVI utilizes the latest live stream technologies to serve up network quality content to every corner of the world in multiple languages. Broadcast design, engineering and direction are expertly produced by EVI's award-winning television producing team, with state of the art broadcast location trucks anchoring the operation.

Down to the Last Detail…

Corporate Events Management and Production has a lot of moving pieces. Using refined project management systems and online collaborative tools, we smoothly integrate the complex strategic, financial, creative, design, production and technical details of each event.

Program Development includes: Event Strategy, Budget Design, Event Design & Planning, Message Development, Creative and Continuity Design, Thematic Development, Invitation Campaigns, Social and Online Marketing and Event Registration, Sponsor Management, General Session Design, Run of Show, Set Design and Production, Keynote Design and Production, Presentation Design, Speech Writing, Speech Coaching, Offsite Rehearsals, Social and Interactive Audience Participation, Live Casts, Comedy and Theatrical, Entertainment, Motivational Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Site Selection, Venue Contracting, Event Survey and Evaluation, Multi-Screen Media Design, Show Programming, Global Event Webcast/Live Stream.

Communications Media Production includes: Global Live Stream Webcast, Social Media Strategy and Content, Online, Rich Media, Keynote Presentations, Dramatic Short Films, Thematic Videos, Opening Videos, Branded Continuity, Bumpers and Transitions, Corporate Image Videos, Product Videos, Candids, Event Documentary, Original Music, Print Materials, Signage, Invitational Campaigns, Live Computer Demos, 3-D Projection Mapping

Staging & Technical includes: Complete Staging & Technical Design and Production, Technical Direction, Stage Management, Watchout Media Server Technology, Labor Management, Union Management, Sets & Scenery, Sound, Lighting, HD LED Display Technology, HD Video Projection, 3-D Projection Mapping, Teleprompting, Powerpoint and Keynote, Special EFX, Global Webcast, Broadcast Design, Engineering and Direction, Simultaneous Multi-Language Translation

Technical Excellence is an EVI Hallmark. It’s the combination of planning, design, equipment and on-site engineering that will deliver the staging and technical aspects of your project at the highest level. All technical and staging solutions are executed at the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Executive Visions Inc., one of the world's top event agencies, and your single source for Corporate Events Management and Production.