Corporate Training Programs

"Bringing Business Vision into View"

With three decades of experience producing Corporate Training Programs, EVI helps you maximize the performance of your company’s most valued resource…people. In order to perform at peak potential, employees need finely-tuned training materials focused on their needs. Our instructional designers, writers and producers use a variety of approaches to develop corporate training programs that meet the unique objectives of each situation, from simple how-to instruction, to complex business skills.

We take each project through an intensive development process that includes:

  • Situation Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Creative Approach
  • Content Research and Development
  • Instructional and Courseware Design
  • Scripting, Writing
  • Production
  • Authoring
  • Testing
  • Mastering
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • Program Implementation
  • Workshop Design and Instruction
  • Monitoring and Feedback

Whatever the appropriate training method…from print, video and interactive digital media…to workshops, certification and incentive programs, EVI will deliver a winning formula of knowledge, skills and motivation to meet your objectives.

Corporate training program for Harley Davidson

Corporate training program for Harley Davidson