Mike Roberts Shares the Inside Story of World Children's Day at McDonald's

The Inside Story Short Film with Mike Roberts is divided into time segments for convenient access to specific Chapters and Topics. Please click the specific Time Code to access the desired chapter.

Time Code:

00:00-01:10    Program Open
01:10-06:00    Origins: A Time for Dreams and Big Ideas
06:00-08:55    The Emotion of Music: Telling Our Story
08:55-11:15    Energizing an Organization to Get Behind a Dream
11:15-12:15    Ronald McDonald House Broadcast Interstitial
12:15-15:12    A New Dialogue with Our Guests
15:12-19:00    Pockets of Resistance: The Enormity of the Challenge
19:00-20:40    Three Bars of a Song: Unity of A Higher Purpose
20:40-22:45    A Wave of Goodwill: A Worldwide Note
22:45-26:48    World Children's Day Anthem, Finale form the ABC Primetime Special
26:48-29:03    Measures of Merit