Mike Boylson Shares the Inside Story of JCPenney Jam...The Concert for America's Kids

The Inside Story Short Film with Mike Boylson is divided into time segments for convenient access to specific Chapters and Topics. Please click the specific Time Code to access the desired chapter.

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00:00-01:10    Program Open
01:10-02:04    Experiential Marketing is More Important Than Ever
02:04-02:55    Elevating the JCPenney Brand
02:55-04:34    Social Responsibiltiy Awareness and Brand Momentum
04:34-06:40    Sight, Sound and Motion: Connecting the Dots
06:40-08:09    Dr. Phil: An Important Spokesperson
08:09-09:09    Becoming Current and Relevant as a Modern Brand
09:09-10:36    Do it All the Way Right, or Don't Do It at All
10:36-13:21    A Diversity of Talent Rallies Around the Afterschool Issue
13:21-15:11    The David Foster Connection
15:11-16:32    Touching Every Aspect of the Organization
16:32-18:45    Activation: The Power of Compelling Content
18:45-20:14    Leveraging the Platform: Rascal Flatts Integrated Tour Sponsorship
20:14-21:09    Creating Propreitary Content: The JCPenney Jam DVD/CD
21:09-22:50    The Only Way to Pull this Off
22:50-23:36    It Has to Stick: Making an Emotional Connection