Diriyah…The Royal Inauguration Motion Media Collection

With a once in a lifetime project as expansive as “Diriyah, The Royal Inauguration”, the documentary storytelling opportunities were abundant and important to capture. EVI took advantage by directing its creative filmmakers to portray the making of the production from a multitude of viewpoints.

In all, the team produced five pieces that collectively weave a cohesive story about the total project…from the skills assembled to tackle its production challenges and complexities…to the passion and the artistry poured into every aspect of the creative work.

Here, gathered in one place, are all of the pieces to offer perspective on a project that we are excited to share.

“Diriyah, The Royal Inauguration” Trailer

EVI leads a Global Team to produce the Royal Inauguration of Diriyah...Birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom.

“Diriyah…a Show on an Epic Scale” Short Feature

Executive Visions proudly introduces "Diriyah...A Show on an Epic Scale". Follow the team in this behnd the scenes film as a one-year journey culminates in a glorious live show and broadcast. It's the Royal Inauguration of Diriyah...birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom and cherished UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“The Diriyah Suite…an Original Sound Score”

An artful documentary short on the making of "The Diriyah Suite", a custom score commissioned by EVI for the Diriyah Royal Inauguration. The "Suite" is an emotionally-charged symphnic suite written and produced by the elite of the Holywood film world. The film was shot on lcation during the recording at the famed Air Studios in London with members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Voices. The music was performed live at the Inauguration by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by a host of Saudi Arabian musicians playing traditional middle eastern instruments. In the coming years, the "Suite" will live on as the official soundtrack for the UNESCO Site as visitors gather from around the world.

“Diriyah…Just the Facts…Three Minutes of Sizzle”

An overview of the metrics, measurements and results achieved by the project.

“Diriyah…The Royal Inauguration” Extended Version

Executive Visions proudly introduces this feature documentary on the making of Diriyah...The Royal Inauguration. In 2019, with the restoration of Diriyah completed, His Majesty King Salman and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud called for a royal inauguration announcing the rebirth of Diriyah to the world. Follow the journey as Jerry Inzerillo, Chairman of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, along with EVI Executive Producers Michael Marto and Omar Saab lead an international team on a far-reaching mission more than a year in the making. It's the Royal Inauguration of Diriyah...birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom and cherished UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Diriyah...The Royal Inauguration Case Study

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