2023 Sales Kick-Off + Global Leadership


In 2022, Executive Visions helped Trellix launch a new brand in the cybersecurity space by producing a matrix of events…from a worldwide brand-launch tour on four continents…to a Sales Kick-Off event…to Trellix Xpand, the company’s inaugural customer conference. Much momentum was established, and the energy is rolling strongly into 2023. 

The start of a new year brings much anticipation, and high expectations as the company enters year two of its journey. To help springboard into 2023…EVI joined with Team Trellix once again to produce a motivating and engaging series of events in Las Vegas. Over a one week span, three unique productions were staged, beginning with the energy-charged Trellix Sales Kick-Off event. 

The Aria Hotel was the scene for Sales Kick-Off, appropriately named “Be the Revolution”, symbolizing of the company’s industry-changing approach to cyber security. A full slate of General Sessions, Product and Technical Breakouts, and Networking Opportunities provided a robust experience to prepare and motivate the Global Sales Force. 

Occurring simultaneously, another Sales Kick-Off event was produced at the Aria, this one for Skyhigh Security, who, like Trellix, is a key company in the Symphony Technology Group. Comprised of similar components as the Trellix SKO, Skyhigh “Altitude” was a completely separate event, with its own set-up and production team.

The two events were delivered in seamless fashion, displaying EVI’s ability to help clients maximize the opportunity of having its key constituencies gathered in one location.

With the SKO and Skyhigh events completed, Trellix turned its focus on a two-day Global Leadership Meeting…”Elevate”. This was an important time to reflect on the sales events and reinforce the company’s dynamic strategy with its top-level executives. “Elevate” was set-up and produced by EVI as yet another separate event at the nearby Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The trio of “Be the Revolution”, “Altitude” and “Elevate” added up to a non-stop multi-day experience that will be used by all attending to advance their respective success over the coming year. A slate of upcoming events throughout 2023 will continue to build Trellix’s leadership position in the cybersecurity industry, and as an innovator in the event marketing arena.

The series of productions is another example of how EVI, with its experience and resources, is able to fluidly produce multiple, simultaneous events made up of numerous and complex elements.

EVI’s partnership with Trellix is a continuation of the journey that began with the company’s origins as McAfee more than 15 years ago. 

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