2022 Corporate Strategy Roadshow


New York…San Francisco…Cork, Ireland…Bangalore, India. Trellix and production partner Executive Visions embark on a global road tour of crucial significance for a brand new company.

The Heart of the Matter

Trellix has entered the cybersecurity space with a unique and powerful vision for the future of the industry, and mission success begins with enthusiastic buy-in from the worldwide employee network. The summer of 2022 was the perfect time for the Executive Leadership Team to go out into the world and get person to person about company strategy, culture, resources and desired outcomes.  At the heart of it all, CEO Bryan Palma is passionate in his quest to save Tech…transforming what he views as a soulless industry to one of soulful work that enables living security… everywhere.

Formed out of the collective strengths of former companies McAfee and FireEye, Trellix has hit the ground running with experience and know-how, but it’s the approach and implementation that differentiate it from the pack.

Production…Fluent and Smooth

The job of Team EVI was to provide a communications platform for the ELT to deliver its foundational messages in the four host cities. Live audiences at each location varied in size from 50 to 600. Each venue was completely different and demanded a custom technical solution. But, essentially, the objectives were to deliver a live, in-person presentation set-up, while simultaneously providing broadcast coverage for an expanded audience online. 

From a simple riser with TV monitors as visual support, to a more elaborate set with a large LED wall, the team solved the challenges of each location.  Sounds easy enough, but the complexities of delivering in multiple countries with an extremely short runway required the experience and resources of a veteran global producing group. And, as well-known for, EVI left nothing to chance, fluently and meticulously managing the matrix of requirements.

The online platform engaged the audience with interactive capabilities allowing not only viewing, but real time submission of comments and questions. The input from the 1,000+ virtual attendees created a lively and valuable exchange with the Trellix leadership. Metrics were gathered to provide quantifiable analysis.

Building a Brand

Each of the productions was a tremendous success, with leadership and local teams connecting in a spirit of camaraderie and determination to transform cybersecurity. From here, EVI and Trellix will continue the collaboration, extending the communication to all audiences via a range of in-person and online experiential events. 

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