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Nu Skin LIVE! 2019



October, 2019

15,000 Nu Skin distributors take flight on a passionate quest. Destination: Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in the mega experiential event that is Nu Skin LIVE! Distributors from every walk of life in pursuit of dreams…and a personal experience that, for many, will be life changing.

In the build-up to the event, Nu Skin President Ryan Napierski speaks of Transformation. In Nu Skin language, that means “People Transformation”, and his goal is to create a live experience where differences are shattered, where people connect and unify on a collective, transformational journey.

As the company’s global voice and leader, he knows this is a pivotal moment where dreams turn into reality, and he wants every single person to feel the heart of the company… to be inspired… to learn…and be empowered.



Convention week…and local environs comply. The yellow hues of the aspens glow across the slopes of the Wasatch. Salt Lake beckons against a backdrop of liquid blue sky. The greater region buzzes “Nu Skin”…from the downtown avenues…to the glorious Nu Skin Campus 50 miles downrange in Provo.

Day One arrives. Packed charter buses, city trains, and thousands afoot converge on Vivint Smart Home Arena, the launch pad and hub of the experience. Thousands more tune-in to the worldwide Livestream.

Places taken, lights dim, the arena awakens…an opening ceremony of visual media, theatrical lighting, concert sound and electrifying choreography unfolds. The audience is transported to the world of Nu Skin LIVE!... and will need to stay on their toes to take in every detail of an all-encompassing program that will run full-on from early morning to star-studded night.



The opening session is straight from the heart, with the inspired messages of Nu Skin Founders Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund weaving a beautiful story of possibility and human potential. CEO Ritch Woods and Napierski follow with an enlightening blueprint for success and call to action for the transformational journey.



Each moment is artfully choreographed with a full complement of on-screen visuals and theatrical stagecraft. Emotional engagement…emotional high.



Late afternoon gives way to a myriad of activities around town, notably the product and technology showcase at the famed Salt Palace.

Anticipation builds. Evening means a return to Vivint and a glorious celebration of Nu Skin’s highest achievers. Thousands take the stage in recognition of their life-changing accomplishments, serving as high inspiration for those just beginning.



The evening crescendos with pure entertainment as pop star Gwen Stefani performs an explosive 90-minute set.

Inspiration…motivation…information…learning…empowerment…entertainment…all the right buttons have been pushed.

For attendees, the day comes to a close…wheels turning…open to new ideas. Time to sleep on it and recharge. For EVI’s massive producing and technical team, sense of time blurs into an overnight reset…the final day looms mere hours ahead.



Day two brings the "Vision to Reality" concept into sharp focus. Blake Roney sets the tone in the inspirational way that only he can. He’s a master motivator, and upon taking the stage, every pair of eyes and ears are keenly attuned and engaged. Nu Skin sales leaders follow, demonstrating first-hand the levels of success within reach.



Learning from internal leadership is crucially important, but Nu Skin also embraces voices from outside the organization. One of the challenges for 2019 was to relate the Nu Skin proposition to the broader message of influencing the world around us. The belief is that each person has an inspirational story to tell, and Nu Skin wants them to tell it to the world.

To support that vision, EVI created an original session bringing together two of Hollywood’s greatest storytellers, Academy Award Winning Film Composer Hans Zimmer and Oscar Winning Director Ron Howard. The aim was to inspire the audience through the unique perspectives of these cinematic masters… to unlock their inner storyteller, reflect on their life journeys, the importance of their own stories, and explore ways to develop them and bring them to reality.

Hans Zimmer and Ron Howard: We’re All Storytellers



The afternoon session centered on taking action…about taking the actual steps required to complete the Transformational Journey. To provide the motivational spark, one of the greatest success stories from the world of sports and business joined in. NBA legend and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson stirred the crowd with his “bigger than life” smile, charisma and success story.



Night falls, and attention turns once again to recognition. This is the closing session, and thousands of Nu Skin elite celebrate their success in a grand on-stage parade of stars. The enthusiasm and support shown by a jam-packed arena of colleagues is remarkable. Passions are visibly ignited in the hearts of future leaders.



With the celebration in full mode…the curtains rise on the grand finale…an original concert spectacular with Maestro Hans Zimmer. Performing custom arrangements from his legendary body of work, Zimmer takes the audience on an odyssey to the far reaches of his imagination...unveiled through the swelling sounds of a full orchestra accompanied by cinematic widescreen imagery. Scenes from the featured films accompany the music to showcase Mr. Zimmer’s extensive creative range. The show is a bold retrospective of Mr. Zimmer’s compositional repertoire.









In the end, 15,000 people walk in-step, departing Salt Lake for every corner of the world to pursue their collective vision.

Global Virtual Event

Equally as important as the live event was the need to translate the experience in a vibrant way to a global webcast audience comprised mainly of young viewers, which EVI accomplished by serving up network quality content with its broadcast production team. Global webcasting is a key EVI service offering. The team conceived and produced the complete online event, adapting all creative content including keynote presentations and entertainment to serve the virtual audience. The complete technical solution was provided as well, including simultaneous translation in multiple languages across 80 plus countries. Full metrics tracking and feedback summaries are provided.


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