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2015 Global Convention


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As one of the world’s top direct selling organizations, Nu Skin has reason to celebrate. With a stream of innovative anti-aging products and a network of extraordinary achievers, the company has built a multi-billion dollar brand, and with the industry set to grow more than $20 billion between 2013 and 2018, optimism for the future runs high.

At the 2015 Nu Skin Global Convention, Salt Lake City’s Energy Solutions Arena was filled to the rafters with true believers…15,000 of them from every corner of the world. The massive gathering happens once every two years, and for the third consecutive time, the Executive Visions producing team was at the controls.

An army of EVI’s top producers, writers, choreographers, artists and technicians hunkered-down for a grueling ten-day pull, capping off an eighteen-month production journey. Fueled by a tour-style catering operation, multiple teams worked around the clock…rigging, crafting, prepping and rehearsing six intensive general sessions.

The event objectives were numerous and diverse: Product Launches showcasing the expansion of Nu Skin’s flagship ageLOC brand…Business Sessions with strategic messaging from the Founders and top executives…and most important…waves of Recognition Events celebrating the stars of the Nu Skin distribution force.

The mission tapped the full depth of creative and technical excellence. Audience engagement could never waver, and the team served it up in grand style.

The centerpiece of the production was a massive 30 by 90 foot LED wall spanning almost the full width of the arena floor. First of their kind elevating portals were built-in to the wall, creating unique entry and exit points for onstage activity. The gigantic canvas displayed a profusion of custom media ranging from pure entertainment, to business support graphics, to abstract motion art.

Reflecting the “Celebrate Stars” theme, the stage deck featured star-like thrusts reaching outward into the audience. The deck featured 1,200 square feet of LED flooring, which exploded to life with beautiful abstract media to complement the main LED wall.

Mirroring the shape of the star thrusts, a pair of 80 foot wide image magnification screens loomed above the stage, carrying out the visual theme and providing clear sight lines from every seat.

With over 300 instruments at their command, the lighting designers crafted a dynamic and unique look and feel for each moment of the show.

Employing 150 speaker cabinets, sound engineers designed the audio system around the Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker system, providing the refined listening experience of a major concert.

Rigging itself set a new record for the arena. A staggering 135,000 pounds were hung from 136 hoists, beating out the massive specs of the recent Taylor Swift Tour.

Content was equally impressive. Each session was framed with a creative motif, providing beautiful openings, closings and transitional interludes, giving the sensation of being at a Broadway theatrical production.

For one key recognition session, a “Scenes of the World” treatment paid homage to the cultural heritage of attending nationalities. China, Japan, Korea and the USA were all represented via originally choreographed theatrical numbers, supported by dramatic visuals on the LED surfaces. The scenes created a grand entrance for the thousands of honorees taking the stage a la an Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Similarly, EVI creative directors themed another recognition session around the Broadway Megahits “Mama Mia”, “Hairspray”, “Wicked” and “Lion King”.

Business sessions were uniquely wrapped with transitional entertainment from a long list of creative elements, including DJ Trinidad handling the pre-show festivities, recording artist Fresh Big Mouf, the remarkable El Gamma from “Asia’s Got Talent”, the exciting Utah Jazz Dunk Squad, the Green Man Group Drum Line, the Summerwind Skippers, the Future Lab Video Personality and the BDMS Dance Group. The audience was also brought into the act, helping turn the entire arena into an interactive light show via Xylobands programmed to the show.

Nu Skin challenged EVI to help advance its decades long success with an event that would educate, motivate and entertain its worldwide distributors, enabling them to systematically renew the vibrancy of the business opportunity. Together with Nu Skin leadership, the vision of an aligned and inspired sales force was fully realized.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so please enjoy more of “Celebrate Stars” in the accompanying photographic gallery.

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