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Nu Skin and Executive Visions…Defining Partnership at the Highest Level 

For nearly a decade, Nu Skin and EVI have been on a quest. With three successful Nu Skin Global conventions under their belts, the team remains in relentless pursuit of the pinnacle and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams. With every success comes celebration…but more importantly, keen assessment and a commitment to raising the bar.

One of the primary goals for advancement of the 2017 convention was to drive participation of and generate Nu Skin distributorships within the millennial demographic. Tailored to that objective, the team’s inspired vision took the form of Nu Skin Live…the You Revolution! The concept was to create a three-day festival atmosphere a la SXSW, featuring a non-stop and diverse flow of experiences for the 15,000 global distributors in attendance. Elite musical entertainment was a big part of the mix, with two massive one-off concerts at a sold out Vivint Smart Home Arena, the first featuring pop icon Maroon 5, and then a closing night extravaganza featuring the genius of famed movie composer Hans Zimmer. With a youthful energy, the experience maintained a careful balance of appeal to all demographics.

Equally as important as the live event was the need to translate the experience in a vibrant way to a global webcast audience comprised mainly of young viewers, which EVI accomplished by serving up network quality content with its broadcast production team. Global webcasting is a key EVI service offering. The team conceived and produced the complete online event, adapting all creative content including keynote presentations and entertainment to serve the virtual audience. The complete technical solution was provided as well, including simultaneous translation in multiple languages across 80 plus countries. Full metrics tracking and feedback summaries are provided.

With just under a one-year lead time, the strategic, creative and technical challenges were imposing…yet the end result was indeed a benchmark in experiential event production. Nu Skin and EVI collaborated intensively as a seamless unit, challenging every assumption and pushing ideas to the very limit.

By the time the show date arrived, the experience footprint stretched out across the host location of Salt Lake City, Utah and reached southward to the sparkling Nu Skin complex in Provo. The matrix of compelling activities and functions kept the distributor/attendees on the move from morning until night, soaking-in the full spectrum of the Nu Skin experience. 

Three primary venues ran full-tilt for the duration of the event…the spectacular Vivint Smart Home Arena, the historic Salt Palace Convention Center and the afore-mentioned Nu Skin Headquarters. The EVI and Nu Skin producing team took control of the venues a week in advance of the show open, supported by hundreds of the production industry’s elite artists and technicians.

Of special note, with each raising of the curtain at Vivint Arena, EVI was producing two simultaneous events…a live audience production…and a full network style webcast. Staging, lighting and sound were leading-edge in every way. Broadcast design, engineering and creative direction were expertly produced by EVI’s award-winning broadcast television team, who collectively captured every moment with 21 high-definition cameras.

Numerous aspects of Nu Skin Live warrant individual case studies, and links to those are included below. But, following are a few descriptive highlights of the diverse range of components produced by EVI, NU Skin and the extended team.

A Dynamic and Ongoing Social Media Campaign promoted and enhanced every aspect of Nu Skin Live!

The Provo Experience and Innovation Center Tours immersed distributors into the heart of the Nu Skin Campus and Operation.

The Product Experience Area and Product Store showcased the full range of innovative Nu Skin products while providing education workshops, hands-on demonstrations and product acquisition opportunities.

The Force for Good Foundation Gala celebrated the accomplishments of Nu Skin's world-leading charitable organization while creating a platform for giving. Giving was further enabled around the world via an interactive donation app.  Nu Skin distributors thrive in a culture of success, love and giving back. It’s a mindset that fosters a worldview benefitting all of humankind.

The Gala climaxed in the Force for Good Benefit Concert featuring Maroon 5. Front man Adam Levine delivered a captivating performance, supported by a staging environment comparable to the best seen on any major tour. The concert, and all other sessions in the Vivint Arena, were webcast in full 1080 progressive HD in 16 languages, covering every time zone in virtually every country.

The You Revolution Vision Session created a direct, heartfelt and inspirational connection with the Nu Skin Founders and core leadership. Distributors from around the world were also featured via cinematic short films, showcasing the breadth of the Nu Skin opportunity.

Track Sessions and Regional Meetings provided a deep dive into the strategic, operational and motivational aspects of developing a Nu Skin distributorship to its full potential.

Parties on the Promenade, produced on the beautiful spaces outside of the Vivint Arena, were festive and celebratory affairs designed to reward success and take the fun factor to new heights.

Million Dollar Circle Recognition – This a major recognition event “within the event” and a primary reason that many travel from every continent to attend the convention. Nu Skin Recognition events have become legendary for their sheer grandeur and the unique ways in which award winners are woven into large scale entertainment.

This year’s Million Dollar Circle session was wrapped in and around the wildly popular “Nu Skin’s Got Talent”, a year-long talent competition culminating in a final show down between the top 5 acts. The honor of gracing a stage of this magnitude was the dream of a lifetime for the finalists. Surrounding the talent competition, Nu Skin achievers took their own grand entrance into the spotlight, parading across the stage to the frenzied acknowledgement of the packed arena. This represented attendee participation at the highest level.

The grand finale of Nu Skin Live! was EVI’s debut of its exclusive “The Power of Music…and Evening with Hans Zimmer”. As event producers, and Hans Zimmer Booking Agent, EVI’s mission has always been to engage audiences with dynamic frameworks that eclipse expectations by creating unexpected and inspirational live experiences. Believing strongly in the power of music as an emotional driver, we are passionate about creating custom platforms that bring the world’s top performing artists to the stage in ways that have never been done.

The Nu Skin Global Convention proved to be the perfect opportunity for the debut of the Hans Zimmer Experience. It doesn’t get any more “prime time” than closing night at the Vivent Arena with 15,000 in attendance. After three days of insanely high-energy conventioneering, the closing event had to be “off the charts”, and very little is potentially more compelling than the dramatic sights and sounds of the world’s best cinematic art.

Performing custom arrangements from his legendary body of work, Zimmer took the audience on an odyssey to the far reaches of his imagination...unveiled through the swelling sounds of the orchestra accompanied by cinematic widescreen imagery. Scenes from the featured films were carefully chosen and portrayed onscreen to showcase a glimpse of Mr. Zimmer’s unimaginably extensive creative range. The show was a bold and mind-boggling retrospective of Mr. Zimmer’s compositional repertoire.

Zimmer’s performance was punctuated by the acclaimed Team Elite Recognition. It is Nu Skin's highest honor, and recipients flowed onto the stage right through the center of Mr. Zimmer’s orchestra. Being recognized to the accompaniment of Hans Zimmer is a moment that will be cherished for a lifetime. The evening’s production truly took the world of recognition events to new heights.

When the curtain fell, Nu Skin and EVI had accomplished their strategic goals; Elite level recognition...Product launches…Education…and Entertainment, by creating a memorable experience on top of a new “Live” platform that will foster sustainable growth with a new generation of Nu Skin distributors in the coming decades.

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