Eisenhower Health

A Passion for Excellence


In the temperate winter of the Coachella Valley, the stars display a beautiful alignment in the night skies. It’s a season that holds special allure for local residents and distant travelers alike. It is only fitting that the area’s premiere fund raising event of the year happens during this beautiful time…”A Passion for Excellence” by The Eisenhower Health Foundation. For the incomparable Eisenhower Health team, much has been accomplished in its efforts to grow the Eisenhower Health System into one of the world’s leading non-profit hospitals. Fund-raising goals have met their mark, and the projects they support flourish on the robust and growing hospital campus.  

“A Passion for Excellence” is an opportunity to celebrate, and Eisenhower Health Foundation President and CEO Michael Landes is expert at aligning his own team of stars for the occasion. For the past three years, he has fashioned a collaboration with the elite of the music industry under the direction of 16-time Grammy Winning Producer David Foster and Experiential Agency Executive Visions with collaboration of its esteemed production partners OSA and LightSwitch. The results have been spectacular, building custom concert performances with renowned artists like Andrea Bocelli and Lionel Richie. 2024 produced another exceptional, one-off musical experience.

For the high profile gathering of 5,000 sustaining donors, doctors and team members, a gala reception and dinner sets the stage for nearly three hours of entertainment. The sights and sounds begin with the genius of David Foster and Friends in a one-hour set drawing on an inspiring collection of classic hits. Foster’s assembly of “Friends” for tonight’s performance include Katharine McPhee Foster,  Loren Allred,  Jon Batiste and Chris Botti. “Somewhere”, “That’s Life”, “Redneck Woman”, “Tell Him", “Skyfall” and “Never Enough” showcase the vocals of McPhee and Allred. Next, Foster introduces the hot new star Jon Batiste for a blistering set of his tunes “I Need You”, Butterfly” and “Freedom”. The set crescendos to an emotionally- charged close with Foster’s arrangement of “What a Wonderful World”, featuring the entire cast with a special appearance by Grammy-winning instrumentalist Chris Botti.

Throughout the evening, the audience is integrated into the performance via LED wristbands, programmed with the music to create a beautifully vibrant atmosphere. It’s an excellent creative element which heightens the interactive experience.

Following Foster and Friends, Mr. Landes takes a moment to reflect on the foundation’s accomplishments, plans and aspirations, and to celebrate the support of the amazing friends gathered at the Acrisure Arena. This evening punctuates the fact that, without them, Eisenhower Health simply would not exist.

As Mr. Landes speaks, a transformation is taking place on stage. Instruments and band gear move on and off as the crew reconfigures for the final entertainer of the evening.

Anticipation builds as Landes proudly announces…”Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome Country Music Superstar…Keith Urban.”

Urban is a Nashville and Country Music Icon, having been at the top of the charts for nearly three decades. His unique songwriting style, masterful guitar playing and engaging personality strike an appeal with audiences across multiple genres of music. The proof is in the pudding, as he has won every conceivable award in music, from CMA’s, ACM’s to Grammy’s and Golden Globes. To read the list of accomplishment is actually quite astounding. 

Entering the stage to an enthusiastic welcome, Urban embarks on a ninety-minute set of his greatest work. The talent of he and his band are on full display, touching every emotion with a range of music from his up tempo rockers to his beloved ballads.

Following a glorious evening of world-class music entertainment, the curtain falls, leaving the appreciative audience mesmerized by an experience of a lifetime. For Eisenhower Health, the stars have indeed aligned. Important work has been done, but this celebration is surely a beginning…a catalyst for great things to come.

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