Welcome to the Family


Creative Media Production

When a rider purchases a Harley-Davidson, they are investing in more than just a motorcycle. These machines are better described as rolling art, the centerpiece of a unique lifestyle of motorcycles, sport clothing and accessories, plus association with a massive network of Harley enthusiasts. Harley Davidson riders are indeed an extended family with a common passion…they love to ride and express their excitement for the brand. Looking for ideas on how to orient new owners into the total experience, Harley-Davidson called on Executive Visions.

Collaborating with Joe Hice of Harley-Davidson Marketing Communications, the EVI team immersed itself into everything that makes up the Harley experience and hit on a great solution...the creation and production of “Welcome to the Family”, a custom video to accompany the delivery of every new motorcycle.

Welcome to the Family treats new owners to an entertaining and information packed program, engaging them with the heritage of Harley-Davidson, the Harley Owner’s Group (HOG), helmet and clothing selection, a pre-ride inspection routine, start-up and break-in procedures, “Ride Smart form the Start” and Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses.

The production took place at the famed Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the team designed and built a custom “garage” set in the onsite studios. Other scenes were captured on the hallowed grounds of the industrial warehouse that is home to an amazing and rarely seen archival collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The video was lighted and directed film-style in wide aspect ratio to achieve a cinematic look and feel. Male and female co-hosts delivered the information with a friendly, expert tone, making viewers feel right at home as a new member of the Harley-Davidson family.

After Mastering and DVD replication, the final touch was a beautiful set of branded packaging. Hugely successful, “Welcome to the Family” served as a mainstay in the Harley-Davidson worldwide dealer network for over a decade. During that time, EVI turnkey-managed the printing, replication and distribution of several hundred thousand completed packages.

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