Diriyah...The Royal Inauguration 2019

Nov. 20, 2019 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
EVI Leads a Global Experiential Team to Produce the Royal Inauguration of Diriyah...
Birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom

Origins...The Jewel of the Arabian Peninsula

Trading routes, hundreds of years old, crisscross the Arabian Peninsula. Caravans, weary of distant travel, seek respite from the heat. Traditional gathering places signal the joy of arrival, the promise of rest and rejuvenation under a starry desert night. One shimmering oasis beckons with special allure, saying “stay...this is home...here a kingdom will be born”. A visionary tribe heeds the call...a prosperous city blossoms. Beautiful dwellings, hand molded from the rich mud of the earth, form a place called “Diriyah”...the jewel of the desert...the birthplace of Saudi Arabia.