2018 Ring of Stars Recognition Event

Dreaming and Doing…Nourishing and Enriching Lives…cornerstone themes of the Aramark belief system. Embraced and put into practice day in and day out by the team of 270,000 global associates, these are words that become more than mantras when hearts are touched on the frontlines. And…it’s a frontline first philosophy that has enabled Aramark to take a meteoric rise to the top echelons of business performance. 

Each member of the team works diligently to excel at their respective position, realizing that every customer encounter has a lasting impact that contributes directly to fulfilling the company’s promise.

Even with the entire team performing at peak levels, certain players stand out, making their mark with extraordinary leadership, innovation and execution. The reward for those top achievers is prestigious indeed…for it means entrance into the coveted Aramark “Ring of Stars”. 

“Ring of Stars” is the annual event designed by Aramark and EVI to recognize the 200 employees who best exemplify what the company stands for. If you’ve made it to “The Ring”, you’re in elite company, and that’s exactly the way it feels as honorees and their guests arrive at the Boca Raton Resort and Club for a three-day celebration of their accomplishments. Right out of the gate, a regal Parade of Stars and magnificent opening dinner place them squarely in the spotlight.

For the newest members of the Ring, motivation is high. These are human beings seeking performance at the next level, and the team has put together a meaningful program to serve as the catalyst. The event features inspirational sessions with President and CEO Eric Foss and members of Aramark’s leadership team, “Fighting Gravity” of “America’s Got Talent” fame, plus the highly-charged keynote of Patrick “Blake” Leeper…the American Blade Runner!

Learning opportunities are offered via a specially designed “Aramark Innovation Showcase and Culinary Luncheon”. 

The “Aramark Games” offer a bit of good-humored competition with croquet, bocce and corn hole creating a time for team building and meeting new friends. A beachside pool party extends the celebration into the night with the live stage performance of “Yacht Rock” and a masterful laser and fireworks show.

The following day is carefree vacationing at its best, with a full slate of the recreational and leisure activities that make Boca Raton such a renowned destination.

As the final day draws to a close…the emotion builds to the most-anticipated moment of the week. The legendary Gala Dinner and Ring Ceremony serves as the inspiring backdrop for induction into “The Ring”. Each person takes his rightful place on stage, a crowning moment representing years of dedication and service. Rings in hand, the evening explodes into a majestic, fever-pitched celebration fueled by one of the most exciting party bands in the country…“The Big Beyond”.

For Aramark and EVI, its another chapter in a long history of successful event marketing and production. The team takes great pride in the results of Ring of Stars, for in the end it represents “recognition done right” for the front line elite who’s performance creates even greater promise for Aramark's future.

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