MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit 2018

The crisp, cool air and contrasting warmth of the October sun signal a confluence of beautiful natural forces in the desert southwest. The unique weather phenomenon creates a splendid environment that draws a steady flow of autumn visitors to Las Vegas, Nevada. 

On the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard, another convergence of energies transpires, this time at the historic MGM Grand Convention Center. The MPOWER 18 Cyber Security Summit, McAfee’s 11th Annual global security event, is in full production. It’s a significant milestone for EVI, representing its 11th year as McAfee’s complete production partner. Like the synergies of the natural environs, the McAfee and EVI collaboration is the full expression of what true partnership between a leading-edge corporation and experiential agency can be.

The multifaceted MPOWER experience is the culmination of a year-long focus between the McAfee and EVI teams. From the conference beginnings in 2008, EVI has delivered total project management and production accountability, including: event strategy, financial planning and management, event website management, sponsor management, General Session Design and Production, Set Design and Build, Staging and Technical, Session Tracks, Targeted Group Meetings, Web Streaming and Live Entertainment Production. 

MPOWER is McAfee’s primary customer event marketing platform, focused on the challenges inherent in today’s complex and ever-changing cyber security threatscape. The event draws together the top experts in the security industry to chart the course for the digital safety of its customers, partner organizations and future generations.

The marquee attraction of the three-day event are the high-powered keynote presentations of the general sessions. For years, EVI has collaborated closely with McAfee Creative Director, Mark Murray to produce beautifully immersive and engaging sessions.

Each year, EVI works with Murray and his design team to raise the bar on the production creativity and value. 2018 saw the team working around the concept of cartography. All aspects of the general session, from the theme of "Chart Your Course", to the stage deck design, to the graphic design of the presentations reflected the thematic messaging.

The stage deck itself was designed in angular shapes with multiple levels, playing off of the McAfee shield logo, while representing Earth’s topography with stacked tectonic-like plates. The "archipelago"-styled design was highly functional, with numerous levels, thrusts and steps allowing speakers to engage more closely with all parts of the audience. Several presenters, including McAfee’s CEO Chris Young, migrated off of the main stage to an "island pod" deep into the audience, creating an up-close and personal connection.

In addition to Mr. Young, powerful content was delivered by key members of McAfee’s strategic and technical leadership, as well as guest keynotes by two industry icons... Walter Isaacson, renowned Writer and Journalist... and Sir Tim Berners-Lee,  inventor of the World Wide Web.

The general session set-up featured a massive curved 12’x 54’ high resolution center screen LED, framed on each side by 12’x 48’ LED screens. The wall to wall effect provided a dramatic canvas to showcase the compelling portfolio of keynote presentations, motion graphics and interstitials. All technical aspects of the production including lighting, sound, video, graphics, media serving and stage management were designed and executed by the EVI team.

Occupying the entirety of the MGM Convention Center, MPOWER presents attendees with countless opportunities. Supporting the higher-level information delivered at the General Sessions, an intensive agenda of track sessions offers valuable knowledge and training plus an opportunity to network with peers, key product management, engineers and developers.

The MPOWER Sponsor Expo brings together McAfee’s most strategic technology and channel partners, creating an all-in-one connection point of people, products and services. 

Capping off an eventful week, a fun-filled closing night celebration featured the Grammy-Winning rock band Weezer, plus DJ Chris Clouse.

Inspired with ideas, participants lifted out of McCarron International for all points on the globe with new found friends and colleagues to help make their mark on the creation of a safer, more productive digital world. 

MPOWER 18, a portrait of successful experiential event marketing... the result of a decade-long partnership, fueled by an intensive desire to collaborate and grow to the next level.

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