TD Bank


Corporate Events Management and Production

The EVI team recently partnered with TD Bank to produce the official launch of the TD US Wealth Division. The launch represented a company evolution… a convergence of dynamic forces in the truest sense.

Over the past decade, TD has come to the forefront as a top ten US Bank. A multitude of factors have played-in to the growth, each presenting new opportunities, challenges to the existing business model and ultimately a clarification of vision.

Quick growth has led to a broad expansion of the bank’s footprint and services, also creating a challenge in defining and determining how to best serve its customer base.

With strong leadership in place, TD has created a strategic plan to build a competitive offering…integrating the banking, investment, retirement, financial planning and estate planning needs of its customers into a contemporary and streamlined approach.

As with any organizational restructuring, internal acceptance must be won before external success can be achieved. TD joined forces with EVI to create an engaging experiential event to demonstrate the visionary plan to its frontline team.

The venue for the launch was the ultra contemporary TD Theater in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, which provided an intimate setting for the 300 TD Wealth Advisors, Partners and Employees attending.

To deliver an innovative visual punch, EVI installed a high-resolution, 4.8mm LED widescreen across the full span of the theater. This beautiful media display system served as the cornerstone of a complete staging and technical solution.

Event creative was built around the word evolution: a dynamic forward progression in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

The team took full script-to-screen responsibility for all show content, delivering an array of multimedia including keynote presentations, 3-D animated opener and closer, on camera interviews, and visual continuity motion graphics. Multimedia sources were programmed via media servers to deliver a smooth and impactful viewer experience.

To ensure message “buy-in”, EVI and TD produced video testimonial content from the diverse viewpoints of corporate leadership, partners, advisors and customers. The segments were inserted into live keynotes to demonstrate an open, integrated and all-inclusive approach. The segments were produced on the Red Epic camera system enabling delivery of extreme resolution on the cinematic widescreen.

Completely conceived and produced within a four-week timeframe, the Launch of TD US Wealth was another example of EVI’s ability to deliver high-quality, front to back solutions.

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