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Virtual Event Production MPOWER Digital 2020
EVI, Virtual Event Production. MPOWER Digital 2020 Virtual Event is McAfee’s global customer experiential event designed to bolster understanding of and offer solutions to battle the evolving cybersecurity threatscape. Attendees are frontline IT professionals who work to protect the digital economy across every enterprise and institution. As stated by McAfee CTO Steve Grobman, “Our goal is to arm our customers with the technologies they need to defend their environments from the sophisticated threats of 2020.”
This year saw McAfee and experiential partner EVI pivot from 12 consecutive years of producing one of the world’s top in-person events to a completely virtual event, digital platform designed for the times. A robust online experience of more than 75 sessions provided a detailed look at McAfee’s innovative technologies, from NextGen, SWG and SASE, to XDR and the latest in cloud security.
As part of a broad collaborative effort with McAfee, Virtual Event Production Company EVI took responsibility for producing the marquee content for the experience, consisting of five keynote presentations from McAfee’s executive team, and
ten Power Spotlight Presentations featuring the company’s
top experts.
With MPOWER attendees accustomed to a highly sophisticated live setting, the goal was to find a way to preserve that very important branded presence within the new MPOWER Digital format. To emphasize the importance of the keynote messaging, EVI designed a custom virtual environment as a presentation framework. The elegant, contemporary set featured multiple surfaces for the design team to work with.
Keynote speakers were filmed on a custom-built green screen stage at McAfee’s San Jose, CA and Plano, TX offices. Recorded in 4k, the productions were configured with three cameras to provide a variety of viewing perspectives. The solution enabled the EVI post team to create a fluid and dynamic final edit.

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