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   Key Creative and Production notes:
Speakers were shot in-studio against a white psyche wall, using high-resolution RED 4K cinema cameras coupled with the highest quality Cooke movie lenses.
Multiple cameras were used to capture the presenters, delivering a highly personal and engaging feel.
A high-tech Scorpio crane created very smooth movement with a multitude of perspectives.
Feature film style lighting was crucial to achieve the desired look.
The 24 frame progressive recording achieved a velvety smooth look mirroring film.
A 100” 8K Monitor was a foundational element of the set, serving as a beautiful display for content. The high-resolution of the monitor allowed slide content to be shot real time on set rather than being composited in post. This kept the content highly intentional and organic to the studio production.
Feedback on the production has been extremely positive and the online event has accomplished the team’s mission of providing clear, forward-looking and engaging communication with Alkami’s client base.
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