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  Next up...a beautifully-crafted 23-minute performance by the legendary jazz/pop master from New Orleans...Harry Connick, Jr. Connick, Jr. literally took the show by storm, reeling in the audience with his southern grace and charm as if everyone were hanging out together in his living room. Sitting formidably at his Steinway grand piano, the mega-talented artist spoke, played and sang straight from the heart. Connick, Jr. positioned
his performance perfectly, delivering a well-studied and cohesive narrative linking everything back to the CAC’s efforts.
His session kicked-off with a cool-hitting New Orleans blues rendition of “You Are My Sunshine”, followed by a moving performance of “There’s Always One More Time”. From there, Connick, Jr. reflected on life in the pandemic, sharing a tune from his recently-recorded album “Alone with My Faith”. The number chosen was his especially introspective arrangement and music video of “Amazing Grace”, directed by his daughter Georgia on a bitter cold, snowy day at the long-abandoned Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT. Rounding out the set was the performer’s hit song “Come by Me”.
It was indeed a great honor for EVI to be involved in a fantastic evening of entertainment and fund-raising. The results surpassed funding expectations, ensuring sustainment of the life-changing work of one of North America’s most well-respected non-profit organizations, Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County.
Client Testimonial
“This year provided us with a unique opportunity to grow and learn new things – break out from what we have known and re-write what our Gala would look like for 2021 while in person events were at a standstill. So much thought and strategy went into this year’s Gala plans and the product produced would not have been possible without the guidance of Michael Marto and his team at EVI. Their expertise, follow up, follow through and professionalism are top notch.”
Dana Packard – CACCC Special Events Manager

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