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Experiential Marketing in a Virtual World
Travel and social distancing realities have, at least temporarily, altered the landscape of event marketing. The times present new challenges to companies who rely on face to face gatherings to accomplish critical aspects of their business strategies.
In some ways, the forced adoption of purely virtual events is an extension of a trend that has been underway in recent years. Over the past decade, with conferences attracting expanded global audiences, EVI and its clients have employed
live streaming of events as a primary way of serving a broader constituency. Hybrid events, the combination of live and virtual attendance, have become part of the industry lexicon.
Even before 2020, top to bottom virtual events have gained tremendous viability in situations where traveling large numbers of attendees is simply not practical or economically justifiable.
So, in spite of current restrictions, EVI is fortunate to already have virtual solutions in place that enable companies to continue their experiential initiatives and capture much-coveted mindshare for brands, messages and products. Rather than retreat, leaders across all industries are quickly embracing the new normal and moving to purely virtual models.
With over three decades of producing landmark experiential events, EVI knows how to engage audiences across all communication platforms... including virtual. We see this specific tool as a vital way to build community in a time when the need for connection is greater than ever.
EVI conceptual renderings for a prospective event.

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