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  A poignant moment in the show features Ms. Toscano’s stirring rendition of Foster’s 9/11 arrangement of “God Bless America”. The performance pulls the audience to its feet, reflecting on the times, drenched in emotion.
  Contrasting such moments, the legendary Jay Leno reminds us that the ability to laugh at ourselves is perhaps our greatest attribute. Saying things that only he can say, but reflective
of what is on many people’s minds, Leno’s superbly crafted commentary is a humorous and healing force. Bravo Sir Jay!
For 1,600 of Eisenhower’s sustaining donors, the program represents more than a majestic evening of music, it symbolizes what so many have dedicated their lives to...the betterment of humanity through an unwavering philanthropic spirit.
Congratulations...may the accomplishment and celebration continue.

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