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  Creativity Creativity
  Using refined project management systems and online collaborative tools, we smoothly integrate the complex strategic, financial, creative, design, production, and technical elements of each event:
Program Development:
Event Strategy, Budget Design,
Event Design & Planning, Message Development, Creative & Continuity Design, Thematic Development, Invitation Campaigns, General Sessions, Run of Show, Breakout Sessions, Awards Shows, Sets/Scenic Design, Visual Support Design & Production, Speech Writing & Coaching, Interactive Audience Participation Techniques, Live Casts, Comedy & Theatrical Components, Entertainment, Motivational Speakers, Site
Selection & Venue Contracting,
Event Survey and Evaluation.
Communications Media Creation & Production:
Web, Rich Media, DVD, Speaker Support Presentations, Thematic Videos, Corporate Image Videos, Message and Product Support Videos, Event Candids Videos, Event Documentation Videos, Original Music/Lyrics, Print Materials and Signage, Invitational Campaigns.
Staging & Technical:
Complete Staging & Technical Design and Production, Lighting, Sound,
Sets & Scenery, High Definition Video Projection, LED Display, Teleprompter, Special Effects, Technical Direction, Stage Management, Labor & Union Management.

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