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  Holiday Inn Worldwide and Delta Airlines The World Premiere of
EVI’s Signature Series Shows
Signature Series Shows is an event marketing concept conceived, produced and managed by Executive Visions. This case study showcases how EVI launched the concept in 1992 with the goal of demonstrating to corporate event executives its ability to meet all the requirements for the production of world class shows and to create custom musical entertainment with its partner David Foster. The event also served as the new Brand Launch of event partner Holiday Inn Worldwide and the launch of new global routes for event partner Delta Air Lines.
First came a video invitation, attracting over 350 of America’s top corporate meeting decision makers from Fortune 500 Companies for a two-night stay at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta. Upon arrival, the guests were treated to fine dining, the “World of Difference” trade show and a panel discussion moderated by Lou Dobbs of CNN’s “Moneyline”. The prestigious panel discussed the power of corporate communications and how quality driven corporate events can positively impact market share, profitability and shareholder value.
Following cocktails and an elegant dinner, the premiere of Signature Series Shows began with a welcome by the Chairman of Executive Visions, Musa Marto. “On behalf of Executive Visions and our strategic partners and co-hosts this evening, Holiday Inn Worldwide and Delta Air Lines, it is absolutely my pleasure to welcome you.”
Also among the guests was Bryan Langton, Chairman and CEO of Holiday Inn Worldwide who delivered this important message. “We’ve created a new organization, an exciting dynamic company with a global view. In a very real sense, Holiday Inn is a new business, with a venerable name.”

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