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  Pace American Dealer Development
Pace American is the leader in the rapidly growing enclosed cargo trailer industry with a network of over 400 dealers across North America.
Seeking to bolster its leadership position, Pace American hired EVI to develop and produce an ongoing dealer development initiative.
EVI delivered an industry first sales training program to establish a consistent sales process and a higher level of product knowledge. Program components included a walk-around video, a selling skills and product knowledge workbook, and a pocket guide showcasing the head to head advantages of Pace American vs. competitive products.
A team of EVI instructors implemented the program with a three-day “Pace American University” comprised of classroom instruction, practice and role-playing.
• Leading brand in enclosed cargo trailers • Rapidly growing dealer network
• Inconsistent product knowledge
• Inconsistent selling skills
• No defined sales process
• Dealers rep multiple lines
• Inconsistent ordering process
• Grow position as leader
• Increase product knowledge • Increase sales
• Increase brand loyalty
• Enhance bond with dealers
• Industry-first sales training program
• Video and Workbook
• Walk-Around Feature/Benefit Sales Process • Product Knowledge Training
• Order Process Training
• Pocket Guide: Pace vs. Competitive Brands • Pace American University

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