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GTE Wireless Recognition Events
EVI produced two consecutive years of the gala recognition event for the top sales achievers of GTE Wireless.
Year one took EVI producers cruising to St. Thomas aboard the SSS Radisson Diamond with a program attendees will remember for a lifetime. EVI chose Dr. Robert Ballard, famed for his discovery of
the RMS Titanic, as the central ingredient for a hugely successful production. A dramatic program combining video modules and Ballard’s personal account led attendees on a suspensful journey to the floor of the Atlantic, where years of effort and determination led to Titanic’s discovery.
Hawaii was the scene of the following year’s event, and comedy was the order of the hour for the awards show. EVI built the program around the hilarious entertainer and renowned ventriloquist Jay Johnstone.
A particular challenge for awards shows is accomplishing the process of recognizing numerous winners while maintaining program pace and entertainment value. EVI’s solution was to deliver the presentations of Ballard and Johnstone in a series of four acts, with the entertainer serving as awards emcee between acts.
• Low enthusiasm surrounding sales incentive trip
• Lack of creative ideas for awards show production
• Awards ceremony to long and monotonous
• Professionalism of event production needs to be raised
• Build enthusiasm
• Develop fresh creative ideas for awards program
• Avoid monotonous, slow pace of awards hand-outs
• Upgrade level of feature speaker/entertainer Dr. Robert Ballard – Discovery Titanic
Jay Johnstone – Professional Comedy
• Tie entertainment to awards presentation • Awards delivered in segments by region

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