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   EVI Solution
EVI created a comprehensive training and consumer marketing program addressing all of the challenges in a timely, informative, educational and entertaining manner. The video and print program:
• Disseminated a clear, consistent message to all constituencies: Bombardier RM’s/DM’s, Dealer Principals, Salespeople, Consumers, Boat Manufacturers, Media/ Public Relations.
• Disarmed the misinformation campaigns of competitors.
• Strengthened brand perception and loyalty by communicating information in an extremely organized, visually cohesive, professionally produced piece of contemporary media.
• Was creatively and technically crafted to be serve as a training piece and an in-store consumer piece.
• Increased the closing ratio of salespersons by arming them with the power of product knowledge, and professional selling techniques.
• Assured that each salesperson can present an accurate, professional review of the most important features and benefits of each model.
• Improved the customer’s buying experience and increased referral business.
EVI’s unique qualifications and experience enabled a turn-key program development and project management solution including:
• Program Strategy
• Creative Design
• Instructional and user experience design
• Research, Information Synthesis, Scripting • Video and Print Production
• Testing, Mastering, Packaging, Replication.

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