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  EVI Develops and Produces Proprietary Brand Building, Marketing and Dealer Sales Training Program for Bombardier Outboard Marine Engines
With the acquisition of Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines, Bombardier Recreational Products faced multiple business and communications challenges.
Prior to the purchase, Evinrude and Johnson was bankrupt and out of business for an extended
period. During this absence from the marketplace, competitors took advantage by claiming a large portion of its boat manufacturer’s agreements, dealer network and consumer base... seriously damaging Evinrude and Johnson brand loyalty and acceptance.
Bombardier had to intelligently and creatively re-open communication with and rebuild it’s vital network of manufacturers, dealers and consumers.
Simultaneously, Bombardier engineers were challenged with redesigning the outdated Evinrude product line, bringing it in-line with stricter
EPA requirements and much higher consumer expectations of quality, reliability and performance.
Bombardier has responded with some amazing, cutting-edge engineering... Evinrude E-TEC...a revolution in marine outboard engine design. Fully aware of the groundbreaking nature of E-TEC, competitors have responded with an intense misinformation campaign aimed at disrupting dealer and consumer acceptance of the new engines.
With multiple communications objectives ahead, Bombardier turned to EVI for a strategy and program to clearly communicate with and train all constituents on the facts about:
• Evinrude and Johnson brands and products • Groundbreaking E-TEC Engines.

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