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Aprilia U.S.A.
Dealer Sales Training
When world-renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia launched its line of bikes in the U.S. Market, one of the key challenges was the development
and training of the Aprilia dealer network. Most dealerships carry multiple brands of bikes, so it was important to deliver thorough product knowledge and brand identity in order to differentiate the bikes right from the start.
EVI created and produced a video and pocket guide that worked jointly to accomplish Aprilia’s goals. First-Year content included “This is Aprilia!” to identify the brand, a model by model feature/benefit review to develop product knowledge, and a basic selling skills module.
The success of the initial program led to an ongoing series of dealer development programs with Aprilia. The year-two sales training program covered the new models and included a pocket guide showing the head-to-head advantages of Aprilia motorcycles vs. competitive brands.
The second program featured more advanced selling skills, including a custom walk-around process,
and how to manage objections. Print material containing current product knowledge and competitive advantages were also produced. To maximize the potential of the program, EVI instructors took the program on a five city regional tour, successfully training and certifying over 200 Aprilia salespersons.
Due to the success of the training programs, EVI has broadened its scope of work with Aprilia to include advertising design, dealer marketing materials and production of the annual dealer meeting.
• Aprilia – 2nd Largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe • Launching products in U.S.
• Salespeople lack brand and product knowledge
• Dealers sell multiple brands
• Selling skills improvement needed
• Develop Aprilia Brand Awareness amongst salespersons
• Develop knowledge and enthusiasm for Aprilia product line • Educate salespeople about Aprilia target customers
• Improve selling skills
• Develop ongoing dealer training strategy
• Produce Library of Training Materials including:
• Training Videos & Print Materials: Brand, Products, Selling Skills • Pocket Guide for use in Competitive Selling
• Design and Produce Regional Training Events with EVI Instructors • Advertising Strategy
• Ad Design and Production (Print and Television)
• Dealer Marketing Communications Materials (CD-ROM and Print) • Design and Produce Annual Dealer Meeting

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