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  BellSouth Management Training
Following divestiture, BellSouth faced the challenge of learning to “Manage in a Competitive Environment”. Already possessing the resources, reputation and customer base, the company needed innovative training approaches to implement the changes required for success.
To answer the challenge, EVI worked with a major organizational change and design firm to produce
a series of six training modules. The instructional design incorporated video, classroom instructors, case studies and workbooks. 25,000 BellSouth managers were trained on: Competitive Challenges, Competition for Customers, Capital and People, and the Evolving role of the Manager.
EVI creative designers used the analogy of a sculling team to demonstrate the singleness of purpose required for team success. The sculling scenes were produced on Panavision 35mm film and edited to an original music score to provide a dramatic identity and motivating feel. Multiple location shoots involved a cadre of professional actors and production crew. The theme and message were continued in the workbook and print collateral phases of the program.
The results:
1) Managers were trained to reassess themselves and their areas and employ the newly learned approaches to better meet customer needs.
2) Participants learned to better understand and accept changes occurring in their industry.
3) Teamwork and leadership skills like the ones introduced in the program have helped BellSouth become one of the nation’s most admired utilities.

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