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  BellSouth Summit Club Recognition Events Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe
Each year BellSouth rewards its top sales achievers with a fantastic incentive trip known as the Summit Club. Consid- ering the effort required to qualify, BellSouth has to make absolutely certain that everything about the event is done in grand style...including the group general sessions and awards events which have been completely created and produced by EVI for three consecutive years.
Group meetings at this type of event must be especially cre- ative and fun...after all, it’s a reward for the best. Each year, from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, to Puerto Rico, EVI has crafted a multitude of fun programs to excite and motivate the audience...while still delivering important business mes- sages. From executive intro stunt videos, interactive com- puter generated characters, and on-site candids videos...
to team building events with the renowned orchestra con- ductor Boris Brott...and Broadway style dance troupes like La Masquerade...EVI has delivered high-energy environ- ments of interactivity and celebration.

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