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     basics of selling...product knowledge and feature benefit selling.
EVI created a step-by-step walk-around of the product as the program centerpiece.
Video modeling was used to show salespersons how to describe the product’s most important features...and
more importantly the associated customer benefits. Learning was reinforced through a series of interactive reviews, exercises and hands-on practice sessions with a custom workbook.
To help ensure participation, the program had to make an immediate impact upon arrival at the dealership. EVI created a bold, exciting theme revolving around power...”Power to Do It”.
The potential for higher income through increased sales was the primary motivation to participate in the program.
But salespeople also like to prove that they’re the best. So, EVI developed and produced a North American Walk-Around Competition. Competitors advanced through dealer, district and regional competition, with the best facing off in the North American Finals...a grand style special event with custom staging, lights and sound. A packed ballroom of dealers looked on as the finalists battled for thousands of dollars in cash prizes, awards and the title of Champion.
The initial Power to Do It program received great reviews and the dealerships called out for the training to continue. The result has been an ongoing series of training modules, each building on the success of the previous one.
Bombardier looked to EVI for help...and EVI delivered. Powerful training resulting in powerful selling. The Telly award-winning Power to Do It.

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