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    Dealers in each region were required to send sales personnel to attend one of the two-day events. Professional racecar drivers and seasoned instructors were brought in to help the attendees maximize their ability to learn and experience the product in a safe and controlled atmosphere.
First, a presentation was delivered to attendees in a classroom environment to brush up on performance features. EVI developed and delivered a complete feature / benefit seminar for this purpose. After the attendees had a solid grasp of these concepts, it was time to truly experience them.
Each attendee had the opportunity to drive the variety of Bentley motorcars on a skid pad, drag strip and closed course.
An instructor went along to assist the attendees in understanding the “feel” or benefit of each of the car’s performance features.
Imagine the exhilaration of driving the world’s fastest production four-door motorcar on an unrestricted racetrack, without speed limits. Not only did the attendees learn how to convey the true benefits of each and every performance feature of a Bentley motorcar, they learned how to convey these with the passion that only this driving experience can deliver.

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