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  Bentley Motors
“The Bentley Ride & Drive Experience”
Bentley represents the pinnacle of hand-made, luxury-performance motorcars and its customers embody a passion for performance that distinctly sets them apart from other luxury car buyers. Bentley executives understand that sales success is reliant upon the ability of salespeople at the dealer level to effectively convey the ideals of passion and performance to prospective customers.
To increase the opportunity for success, Bentley turned to EVI to create and produce a unique experiential program entitled, “The Bentley Ride & Drive Experience”, to enable salespeople at the dealer level to understand and effectively convey these ideals.
The program requirements were:
1) To foster a complete understanding of the performance potential of these cars through hands on operation
in a controlled environment.
2) To visualize and personally experience the benefits of the performance features of these motorcars.
3) To understand the passion that Bentley customers have for the brand.
As a result, EVI produced three separate events at proper racetracks in strategic regional locations in the U.S. Those tracks were Moroso Motorsports Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock, Connecticut and Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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