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  Bentley Motors
New Car Launch 35 mm Film “The Ultimate Driver’s Bentley”
The Ultimate Driver’s Bentley is
a 35mm film written and produced
by EVI showcasing the most powerful 4-door production sedan in the world, the Bentley Arnage T. Shot on location at a major US super speedway and at the MIRA automotive proving grounds in the UK, the program delivers dra- matic first-hand evidence of the motor car’s elegant styling, craftsmanship
and amazing performance capabilities. Designed for both customers and dealer personnel, viewers gain a clear under- standing of exactly where the new motor car fits-in to the current Bentley product mix, and how it symbolizes
the bold, progressive direction of the Company. The “Exclusive” Features, Advantages and Benefits, which make the Arnage T a true “Driver’s Car”, are brought to light.
Legendary race broadcaster Ken Squier delivers the narration, while professional racer Justin Bell takes the Arnage through a gripping series of performance driving maneuvers on the 1.5 mile high-banked oval and the twisting and turning road course. Bell also provides on-camera testimonials of the car’s capabilities from a racer’s viewpoint.

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