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Turner Broadcasting – “World of Turner” Centennial Summer Olympic Games
Turner Broadcasting and its 42 brands (companies) such as CNN, Headline News, Cartoon Network, Hanna-Bar- bera, New Line Cinema, Turner Clas- sic Movies, TNT, Castlerock, Turner Sports, the Atlanta Braves, needed a unique hospitality venue to entertain its top clientele, advertisers, television syndicators, media, athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and invited guests to cool- off between Olympic events at the Centennial Summer Olympics.
EVI produced the prestigious “World of Turner”, a spectacular high-tech
pavilion and exhibit. This venue show- cased the vast involvement of TBS in the cable, sports, and entertainment industries.
EVI is proud to have provided exhibit services including the design, fabrica- tion, and project management of all elements including a massive array
of 35 screens/projection surfaces with 60 live network feeds from every Olympic competition concurrently direct-linked from the International Broadcast Center, plus feeds from
all Turner’s cable stations.
Other deliverables included: design/pro- duction of 42 multi-media brand kiosks (each with TV, VCR, live feed, mural, logo, and 4’ x 8’ curved photographic murals), technical, staging, crewing,
15 trucks, and scenic painted back- drops, a original serpentine-shaped bar, 8’ steel multi-media globes, a function- al two-story mezzanine wrapping the room, custom-fabricated furniture
and an outdoor patio.

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