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Coca-Cola – IOC Kick-Off Event Centennial Summer Olympic Games
With dignitaries from every corner of the globe arriving
on its very doorstep to celebrate the Centennial Summer Olympic Games, the Coca-Cola Company had to throw
the ultimate welcome party. A 72-year Olympic Partner, the company had one chance to do it right. With the party scheduled for the glorious new atrium of Atlanta’s Fernbank Natural History Museum, Coca-Cola called on EVI search- ing for the ultimate entertainment solution to successfully celebrate the moment.
EVI rose to the momentous occasion by securing a deal
and producing a spectacular event with its longtime friends Celine Dion and 16-time Grammy winner David Foster. Foster had just written and produced the official theme song for the games, “Power of the Dream”, featuring Celine Dion. The world premiere was scheduled for the Opening Ceremo- nies on NBC; however, EVI teamed with Foster and Dion
to give Coca-Cola’s prestigious audience the surprise of
a lifetime. At the conclusion of the festive evening, David and Celine took the stage to debut “Power of the Dream” before the surprised and overjoyed crowd. What a way
to kick-off the Olympic Experience.
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