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Harley-Davidson – Consumer Info Video “Welcome to the Family”
When a rider purchases a Harley-Davidson, they are acquir- ing more than just a motorcycle. These machines are better described as rolling art; the centerpiece of a buyer’s entree into a unique lifestyle of custom bikes, sport specific cloth- ing, accessories, and most importantly...a large network of other enthusiasts who love to ride. A key objective of Harley- Davidson was to create a way to facilitate a safe and enjoy- able entry of each new buyer into this complete “Experience”.
Harley looked to EVI for a turnkey solution. EVI studied
the elements that make up the “Harley Experience”, then created and produced a “Welcome to the Family” video to meet Harley’s needs. Owner’s are treated to an entertaining and information packed program covering: The heritage of Harley-Davidson, membership in HOG (the Harley Owner’s
Group), appropriate clothing and helmet selection, a pre-ride motorcycle inspection routine, start-up and break- in procedures, how to “Ride Smart from the Start”, and the importance of participating in Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses.
EVI designed and custom built a realistic garage set for the show environment. The program was lighted, directed and shot film style on digital beta-cam to achieve a look of extremely high quality. Male and female co-hosts delivered the information in a friendly, yet expert style, making the new owner’s feel right at home with their new Harley.

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