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    McDonald’s – Brand Immersive Experience “The Concert for World Children’s Day”
Raising their voices to raise funds for children worldwide, some of the music industry’s brightest stars performed in an hour-long primetime special, “The Concert for World Children’s Day,” Thursday, November 14, 2002 on ABC. The concert was rebroadcast November 19 on ABC Family Channel as well as on PBS and in 50 international markets. Benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities and children everywhere, and dovetailing into a wider fundraising effort waged through 30,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the globe, the program was produced by Executive Visions Inc. (EVI), a leading producer of brand-immersive experiences for Fortune 500 companies.
“The Concert for World Children’s Day” formed the nucleus of one of the largest global corporate philanthropic efforts of all time, extending to 121 countries and benefiting millions of children through medical,
educational, financial and artistic assistance. The concert originally took place live as part of the annual Awards of Excellence Gala for Ronald McDonald House Charities, held at Chicago’s Arie Crown Theater on September 14. With per- formances by Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, The Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, Josh Groban, Yolanda Adams and others, the show culminated with a group performance of “Aren’t They All Our Children,” written by the event’s musical direc- tor and 16-time Grammy winner David Foster. The song has been translated into 12 languages and utilized as part of the World Children’s Day initiative globally. The concert and television special were created and executive produced by EVI’s president and CEO Michael Marto, and president and CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities Ken Barun. EVI’s executive vice presidents/co-founders Charles Marto and Robert Marto were co-executive producers.
With wide experience in creating programs for leading companies including Coca-Cola, BellSouth, IBM and Harley- Davidson, the EVI team worked with the client to develop

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