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   EVI Helps Bush Brothers Celebrate Their 100th Year
In 2008 Bush Brothers Company celebrated 100 years of success! As
a major part of the celebration, the company chose EVI to produce a one of kind musical evening to entertain and celebrate the employees, senior manage- ment and key suppliers.
The Tennessee Theater, a historic early 19th century theater in Knoxville, was selected as the venue for the event.
To celebrate such a significant company milestone, only a legendary entertainer appealing to both popular and country music genres would fit the bill.
With its extensive entertainment experi- ence and reputation, EVI selected and contracted the perfect superstar, Martina McBride!
The beautifully produced show lasted for over 100 minutes to the delight of all who attended! Martina’s extensive list of top hits, spectacular vocals and interac- tion with the audience were greeted with continuous standing ovations!

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