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  Amgen Summerfest 2006
Amgen, the world’s leading biotech company, selected EVI as the producer of a very special occasion in 2006, the annual “Summerfest”. The event took place at the company’s Los Angeles corporate campus and gave company employees, family and friends an opportunity to celebrate the groundbreaking accomplishments
of the team. EVI created the entire master plan and produced every aspect of this massive outdoor carnival attended by over 17,000 people. A multitude of activities included:
• Themed Food and Beverage
• Multiple entertainment stages and musical acts
• Interactive games
• A fully-functioning Carnival, complete with full-size Amusement Rides
All design and production of the infrastructure was included in EVI’s top to bottom responsibility for the event, including Power, HVAC, Restrooms, First Aid and Medical. 2006 was year one of a multi-year agreement for EVI to produce Summerfest.

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