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  A year after the Palo Alto opening, EVI provided turnkey event production for the opening of the second restaurant in Culver City, California.
Event Production E-Brochures
As with any new company, processes and procedures have to be established, tweaked and published. With 250 restaurants on the horizon, this is a crucial step to efficient growth. EVI has taken the responsibility
of creating and producing step-by- step e-guides for the grand opening event production process to provide a blueprint for new franchisees and to ensure continuity as the brand grows.
Strategic Partners
Participating as a key member of the LYFE team along with the advertising agency, PR and social media firms, the ongoing relationship is a great example of how EVI works with its clients as a true “strategic” partner. By collaborating in this way,
EVI helps ensure that all aspects of the marketing and communications effort are connected, allowing the company to present a cohesive and integrated set of messages across all customer touch points.

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