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  • Developed a future-thinking, multi-franchise content management system
• Designed network components in terms of long-term scalability and rapid growth
• Utilized non-proprietary, flexible and open-architecture hardware and software programs
• Configured, fabricated and installed all hardware and software
• Designed and produced three original creative modules: “A Taste of LYFE”, “The Chefs: Art Smith and Tal Ronnen”, “LYFEstyle”
• Designed and produced digital menu content
• Programmed content for in-store broadcast
• Created the “LYFE World Music Experience”, a highly unique soundscape combining music from around the world to develop an original “LYFE” sound.
Forklifting and Grand Opening Event Production
One of the primary reasons LYFE chose EVI as a strategic supplier was its capabilities as a full service creative communications and event production company. With the Media Network
up and running, LYFE engaged EVI’s event production team to begin crafting the opening events for the first LYFE Kitchen restaurant in Palo Alto, California.
Collaborating with the LYFE marketing communications and PR team, EVI helped to develop and produce the “Forklifting” soft opening event, and later the official “Grand Opening”.
Both events were designed to:
• Serve as brand galvanizing moments showcasing the food, the chefs, the LYFE team and the restaurant.
• Create excitement about the brand in the community
• “Officially” open the doors of LYFE Kitchen to media, civic leaders, VIPs, Local growers/suppliers, and the community at large
• Introduce the celebrated chefs, wellness panel members and ambassadors

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