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    When it came time to choose a communications and branding partner, the creativity and quality had to be at the same level, and that’s when the leadership called on Executive Visions.
Among the questions: How do we
create a unique digital menu system... how do we tell the brand story inside the do we create a relaxing, stress-free environment where customers can put aside their pressing concerns of the day and immerse themselves into the unique culinary and service proposition?
Accepting the challenge, the EVI team hit the ground running, quickly immersing itself as a strategic partner to understand every aspect of the new company’s needs.
After fully grasping the vision, EVI began work on the “LYFE Media Network”.
• The Mission: Design, fabricate and install a custom, fully-integrated media network designed to clearly communicate to the customer the unique menu offerings, while also delivering a brand immersive in-store experience.
LYFE Media Network Highlights:
• A “first of it’s kind” Digital Menu System featuring a five-panel Samsung high definition display.
• The “Story of LYFE” Media Display System featuring an array of Apple ultra high-resolution cinema displays.
• Developed back end media content delivery built around Apple core processing and operating systems

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