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 LYFE Kitchen Launch
LYFE Kitchen is on a mission to redefine what fast food means to create a new category of premium fast casual dining that tastes great, is nutritious, plus convenient and affordable. With two restaurants now open in California, the concept has proven to be a hit. The investment community is on board, and nationwide media from Good Morning America to the New York Times are reporting on the phenomenon that is LYFE Kitchen. With 250 restaurants in the works, this is a business success story
par excellence.
Behind any successful venture,
there is no doubt a deeply talented and experienced team. In the case of LYFE it involves three accomplished food and restaurant industry executives, Mike Roberts, Stephen Sidwell and Michael Donahue.
The group got inspired with a
vision for something different... something fresh and relevant for
the times, and set out to apply everything they had learned to
carve out a concept.
Every aspect of LYFE Kitchen
is innovative...from the fresh ingredients, recipes and taste... to the building architecture and “green” construction materials.

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