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  After the broadcast, a proprietary JCPenney Jam DVD/CD went on sale throughout the JCPenney retail system, dramatically extending the message impact and raising vital funds for after school programs. The DVD/CD is tak- ing JCPenney directly into the lives of consumers as part of their permanent home entertainment collection. The launch and build-up of JCPenney Jam was extensive. Promotional efforts leveraged all consumer touch points including: JCPenney In-Store, Catalog, and Internet retail channels...TV, Print and Web Advertising...and a focused national PR campaign. Participating
artists spread the word on programs like Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, CMT, and The View.
Jam partners Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw spoke extensively of the initiative on the Dr. Phil Show, including a dedicated 20 minute feature segment on the day preced- ing the JCPenney Jam CBS special. The duo also created a proprietary Afterschool DVD to provide practical solutions for parents. All net profits benefited afterschool programs across the country.

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