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  The Sound of Color Concert Premiere
With the music completed, short film abstracts were created to develop a multi-sensory experience around the colors. The films were creatively choreographed into a stunning mix of visual art as part of live performance debut.
For the grand premiere of the work, the team produced an original live presentation and concert at the Theatre du Leman in Geneva. Titled “The Sound of Color”, Messrs. Grainger-Herr and Zimmer guided the audience on an imaginative journey of sights and sounds into the world
of IWC, the story behind the colors and the TOP GUN watch collection. From there, the experience unfolded
into a captivating concert performance by Zimmer and his musical troupe...venturing into the depths of his nearly four decades of iconic film composition.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The accompanying photography beautifully illustrates the sophisticated multi-dimensional display of story, music, visuals and light produced by this highly imaginative group of impassioned collaborators. An invitation only audience of 1,000 were appreciative participants in what is quickly becoming a legendary event in the sphere of IWC and the Watches and World exposition.

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