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More than anything, “music” connects to the heart and soul of today’s con- sumer. Relevant across all demograph- ics, it’s a central part of her lifestyle that stirs passion and emotion. With music as the emotional driver, EVI used a broad mix of communication channels to deliver powerful messag- ing about the contemporary JCPenney. More than a one-time event, JCPenney Jam is an “ongoing” platform, strategi- cally linked to the long-term business plan and touching all aspects of the company; from merchandising, adver- tising and promotion, to online initia- tives, live events and PR.
At the creative center of the platform... a live concert spectacular before 6,000
fans at LA’s historic Shrine Auditorium ...directed by 16-time Grammy-Award winner David Foster and hosted by network celebrities Dr. Phil and
Robin McGraw.
The concert was recorded in spec- tacular high-definition television with 21-cameras capturing every perfor- mance. From there, EVI produced a captivating JCPenney-Branded CBS Primetime Network Special, creating an exclusive lifestyle connection be- tween JCPenney, chart-topping musical artists and millions of consumers. To communicate key messages during the broadcast, EVI produced a series of seven JCPenney Afterschool Interstitial spots to bump in and out of musical
performances. The 30-second, PSA- style spots caused viewers to reflect on the importance of the situation and encouraged them to get involved. The creative positioning of the interstitials blurred the lines between program
and commercial time, and effectively branded the show “JCPenney”.

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