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  Rascal Flatts
American Living Unstoppable Tour, presented by JCPenney.
EVI team architects integrated marketing campaign with JCPenney, American Living and country/pop supergroup Rascal Flatts.
The strategic design and implementa- tion of integrated marketing programs is where EVI’s talents shine the brightest. The team is motivated by a strong desire to think out of the immerse itself into a company’s brand vision and create innovative ways to en-
gage with the heart and soul of their consumer base.
We believe in the power of music as one of the best ways of plugging-in to con- sumer emotions and directly linking corporate brands with everyday lifestyle.
EVI originally created the relationship between JCPenney and Rascal Flatts in 2008 to help launch American Living, the retailer’s all-American lifestyle brand developed exclusively for them by Polo Ralph Lauren’s Global Brand Concepts.
After crafting the strategic vision, EVI
architected and negotiated every aspect
of the intricate deal with the band’s
management, Turner & Nichols; mak-
ing the platform workable for all key
participants: JCPenney, Polo Ralph Lau-
ren, Rascal Flatts principals and Lyric
Street Records & Music Publishers. The
complexities of bringing an integrated
sponsorship deal together are astound-
ing, but it’s an arena in which EVI is
uniquely qualified to play. With deep
experience in the business and legali-
ties of deal structuring, including music
Lobby Handrail Banners
  EVI architected and negotiated every aspect of the intricate deal...
rights, intellectual property rights, merchandise licens- ing and sponsorship activa- tion, EVI successfully created a win-win partner- ship between one of the nation’s largest retailers
and hottest touring acts. 24’
14’ 10’
      The band’s audience demographic and
With the deal complet- value system proved to be a perfect
ed, EVI moved forward fit with JCPenney from the start, and
with complete strategic based on the initial success, EVI went
and tactical responsi- to work on developing a more extensive
bility for implementing plan that has resulted in a multi-faceted
the entire initiative. marketing initiative.

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