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 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Unveiling a watch collection so unique and iconic, IWC dreamed of an exhibition event of equal creativity and stature. Ultimately, Christopher Grainger-Herr, CEO
of IWC, envisioned a collaboration with the legendary composer of the Top Gun Maverick soundtrack, Hans Zimmer, to craft the ultimate creative expression. Grainger-Herr turned to Steve Kofsky at Remote
Control Productions and Global Experiential Producer Executive Visions to turn his dreams into reality. Key to the producing mix was the show design, lighting and visual artistry of longtime EVI partner John Featherstone of Lightswitch, Inc., who is currently on tour as Hans Zimmer’s Lighting and Visuals Director.
What ensued was a collaboration with the IWC team unlike anything ever produced in the industry. The project became known as “The Sound of Color”, with Zimmer creating five pieces of original music, one for each of the new IWC colors...Ceratanium, Mojave
Desert, Woodland, Lake Tahoe and Jet Black. Each piece featured an individual melodic theme, placed over a mesmerizing rhythmic beat that placed the listener dramatically inside the essence of time. The score successfully added the surprising and emotional dimension of sound to the colors and design of the timepieces. Zimmer’s use of cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of music composition proved highly symbolic of and cohesive with IWC’s engineering approach to watchmaking.
“What I love about music is the playful element and the opportunity to try out things I have not done before,” explained Zimmer. “I enjoyed creating sounds with IWC because it was quite different from my work on films. Writing music is always about telling a story and taking people to new places, whether inspired by a moving picture or a color, and this was no different.”

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